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Derek Jarman: Kicking the Pricks

Derek Jarman: Kicking the Pricks

USA 2010, 251 pp. illustrated, brochure, € 16.95
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University of Minnesota Press
The provocative title of the 4th volume of Jarman's journals suggests a look back in anger and defiance of the conventional. It is, but it is also rich in wit, intellect, and a clearly articulated aesthetic. Written while editing his film »The Last of England« and originally entitled that in Britain, this 1st American edition goes by the uncompromising title the late British avant-garde filmmaker, artist, and gay activist originally chose. Part memoir, part career retrospective, the journal is a collage, incorporating dryly moving personal reminiscences from childhood through the 1980s, glimpses of his filmmaking genius at work, and penetrating critiques of his own art and those of others, as well as vivid prose and poetry miniatures.
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