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Brad Gooch: Smash Cut

Brad Gooch: Smash Cut

A Memoir of Howard and Art and the 70s and the 80s. USA 2015, 239 pp., hardback,  27.99
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Harper Collins
Brad Gooch arrived in New York in the late 1970s, yearning for artistic and personal freedom. At the center of this memoir is his love affair with film director Howard Brookner, pieced together from fragments of memory and fueled by a panoply of emotions, from blazing ecstasy to bleakest despair. Gooch and Brookner’s intense relationship is haunted by the specter of addiction - heroin (Brookner) and promiscuous sex (Gooch) - and the lure of temptation. Both men live together and apart. Gooch works briefly as a model in Milan, then returns to the city and discovers his vocation as an artist. Brookner falls ill with a mysterious virus that soon has a terrifying name: AIDS. And the story, and life in the city, is suddenly overshadowed by this new demon plague that will ravage a generation and transform the creative world.