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Luc Brisson: Sexual Ambivalence

Luc Brisson: Sexual Ambivalence

USA 2002, 196pp., brochure,  34.95
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This book collects and translates most of the extant Graeco-Roman writing on human beings, divinities, animals, and other creatures who were both female and male. The author provides a commentary that situates the rich source material within its historical and intellectual contexts. These selections- from mythological, philosophical, historical, and anecdotal sources – describe cases of either simultaneous dual sexuality, as in androgyny and hermaphroditism, or successive dual sexuality, as in the case of Tiresias (the blind Theban prophet), which is found through the whole span of Graeco-Roman antiquity. In addition to including such familiar sources as the myth of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus as told in Ovid’s »Metamorphoses« and Aristophanes’s myth of the origin of sexes and sexuality in Plato’s »Symposion«, the author also discusses cosmogonic mythology in Hesiodic poetry, the Orphic »Rhapsodies«, Gnosticism, the »Hermetic Corpus«, and the so-called »Chaldean Oracles«.
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