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Sándor Márai: The Rebels

Sándor Márai: The Rebels

USA 2008, 278 pp., brochure, € 11.59
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This early novel from the rediscovered Hungarian writer Sándor Márai is a haunting story of a group of alienated boys on the cusp of adult life - and possibly death - during World War I. Summer 1918: four boys approaching graduation are living in a ghost town bereft of fathers, uncles, and older brothers, all of whom are off fighting at the front. The boys know they will very soon be sent to join their elders, and in their farm weeks of freedom they begin acting out their frustrations and fears in a series of subversive games and petty thefts. But when they attract the attention of a stranger in town - an actor with travelling theatre company - their games, and their lives, begin to move in a direction they could not have predicted and cannot control, and one that reveals them to be strangers to one another.
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