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Emer O'Sullivan: The Fall of the House of Wilde

Emer O'Sullivan: The Fall of the House of Wilde

Oscar Wilde and His Family. UK 2017, 512 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Oscar Wilde owed his most outstanding characteristics - his intellectualism, his flamboyance, his hedonism, his pride, his sense of superiority, his liberal sexual values - to his parents. Oscar’s mother, Lady Jane Wilde, rose to prominence as a political journalist. She passed on her infectious delight in the art of living to Oscar, who imbibed it greedily. His father was Sir William Wilde, who was also a philanderer. After his death the Wildes moved to London where Oscar burst irrepressibly upon the scene. The one role that didn’t suit him was that of the Victorian husband, as his wife, Constance, was to discover. A lifelong devourer of attention, Oscar was unable to recognise when the party was over. This is a major repositioning of our first modern celebrity who fell from grace in a trial for homosexuality.