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Pinar Tuzcu: Ich bin eine Kanackin

Pinar Tuzcu: Ich bin eine Kanackin

Decolonizing Popfeminism. D 2016, 200 pp., brochure,  35.97
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transcript - GenderStudies
Pinar Tuzcu explores rapper Lady Bitch Ray's performance and particularly her use of the term »Kanackin«. She especially searches for the lost relation between popfeminism in Germany and histories of migration. By means of decolonial methodologies and Situational Analysis, the study works through the contradictory forms of positioning that occurred in group discussions with Turkish-German university students about Lady Bitch Ray's music videos. From a transcultural angle, Tuzcu argues that these contradictory forms of positioning bear traces of emergent discourses that reach beyond Western-centric descriptions of feminism in Germany. The book is intended for sociologists, and people interested in migration studies, cultural studies, media studies, Feminist and Queer Theory.
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