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Edmund White: Jack Holmes and His Friend

Edmund White: Jack Holmes and His Friend

UK 2012, 392 pp., brochure,  13.95
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Jack Holmes is in love. Sadly for him, his feelings are not returned, at least not the way he would like them to be. It doesn't look as if there will ever be anyone else he falls for. The other men he takes to bed never stay for long. Jack's friend Will Wright comes from old stock, has aspirations to be a writer and, like Jack, works on the »Northern Review«. Jack will introduce Will to the beautiful, brittle young woman he will marry, but is discrete about his own adventures in love - for this is 60s New York, literary and intense, before gay liberation - a concoction of old society, bohemians rich and poor, sleek European immigrants and transplanted Midwesterners. Against this charged backdrop, the different lives of Jack and Will intertwine, and as their loves come and go, they will always be, at least, friends.
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