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Sjeng Scheijen: Diaghilev

Sjeng Scheijen: Diaghilev

A Life. UK 2010, 552pp. illustrated, brochure, € 29.95
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Diaghilev turns up everywhere ballet and modern art are discussed, wrapped in a broad ribbon declaring him »Impresario extraordinaire«. This man from Russia founded and directed the revolutionary dance company Ballet Russes and brought Nijinksky and Stravinsky to the stages of Europe to riotous effect. With unique access to Russian archives and a passion for researching the lives of the artists, composers, dancers, choreographers, and prominent patrons drawn to the flame of Diaghilev's audacious artistic pursuits, not to mention the lifting of the censorious ban on truth-telling about homosexual relationships, Scheijen is the first to portray the charming, tyrannical, turbulent, and brilliant artistic ringleader in full. He covers Diaghilev's first love affair with a cousin, and offers sensitive accounts of Diaghilev's complex relationships with dancers Nijinsky and Massine.
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