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Lillian Faderman, Stuart Timmons: Gay L.A.

Lillian Faderman, Stuart Timmons: Gay L.A.

A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians. USA 2009, 431 pp., brochure,  49.95
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This social, political and cultural history of lesbian and gay life in Los Angeles by two seasoned historians is easily the subject's definitive work. Presenting a wealth of fact and analysis, the authors breeze through the highlights of L.A. gay history. They begin with the suppression of Native Americans' sexual and gender expression by 16th-century Spanish missionaries, before exploring how gender-bending Hollywood stars such as Garbo and Katharine Hepburn shaped popular culture in the 1930s, the emergence of gay public places during the '40s and '50s, and the influence of gay religious groups in the 1970s. While much gay history has centered on white gay men, the authors add important material about the vital role of lesbians and people of color.
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