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Rodger Streitmatter: From »Perverts« to »Fab Five«

Rodger Streitmatter: From »Perverts« to »Fab Five«

The Media's Changing Depiction of Gay Men and Lesbians. UK/USA 2009, 222 pp., brochure,  34.95
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This book tracks the dramatic change in how the American media have depicted gay people over the last 50 years. Each chapter illuminates a particular media product that served as a milestone on the media's journey from demonizing homosexuals some 50 years ago to celebrating gay people - or at least some categories of gay people - today. The media haven't merely reflected the American public's shift to a more enlightened view of gay people, but they have been instrumental in propelling that change. The book spans the breadth of communication venues. Individual chapters focus on major news stories, entertainment TV programs, and mainstream motion pictures that captured the public imagination while, at the same time, sending powerful messages about gay men and lesbians.
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