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Jennifer Baumgardner: Look Both Ways

Jennifer Baumgardner: Look Both Ways

USA 2007, 244 pp., hardback,  23.95
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Bisexuality has always been more than »the sexual non-preference of the '90s«. In her book, the author and activist Jennifer Baumgardner takes a close look at gay and bisexual people on the national cultural stage and the issues their growing visibility raises, particularly for younger women navigating the murky waters of identity. In a society supposedly grown more open and accepting in the wake of Stonewall, women's liberation, and AIDS activism, what can it mean that bisexuality continues to be marginalized by both gay and straight cultures, and dismissed as either a phase or, worse, a cop-out? The author discusses her own experience as a bisexual. Part memoir, part pop-culture study, part feminist theory, her book connects the prominent dots of a bisexual community that has bridged feminist aims with those of the gay rights movement.
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