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Max Egremont: Siegfried Sassoon

Max Egremont: Siegfried Sassoon

UK 2006, 639 pp., brochure, € 18.98
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Siegfried Sassoon was born in 1886 into a comfortable and prosperous household in Kent, and began writing poetry as a boy. He confronted the terrible realities of WWI on the battlefield, in verse, and finally, in 1917, by announcing his opposition to the war. By 1918 Sassoon found himself one of the most famous young writers of the time, admired by Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence. Shocked by postwar conditions, he joined the Labour Party and began close friendships with Thomas Hardy and E.M. Forster. Then Sassoon fell in love with the aristocratic aesthete Stephen Tennant, who led him into his group of Bright Young Things (who inspired novels by Evelyn Waugh). In 1933, upon the demise of his passionate and fraught relationship with Tennant, Sassoon suddenly married and retreated to a quiet country life.
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