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Charlotte Chandler: Bette Davis

Charlotte Chandler: Bette Davis

USA 2006, 348 pp., hardback,  24.89
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Bette Davis was a major force in Hollywood. Her distinctive voice, her remarkable eyes, her astonishing range and depth of caharcterization were qualities to make her one of the finest performers in film history. Drawing on extensive conversations with Bette Davis during the last decade of her life, the biographer let the great actress speak for herself. Though she owed everything to her mother, Ruthie, Bette Davis remained fascinated all her life by her hard-to-please father, who walked out on his family. She remembered the disappointment - which never left - over her father's lack of interest in her, and she believed that her resentment of him was probably a major factor in her four failed marriages. She kept putting her men in a position where they would eventually disappoint her.