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Charlotte Chandler: Mae West - She Always Knew How

Charlotte Chandler: Mae West - She Always Knew How

A Personal Biography. USA 2010, 317pp., illustr., brochure, € 15.99
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Actress, playwright, screenwriter, and iconic sex symbol Mae West created a scandal and a sensation on Broadway with her play »Sex« in 1926. Convicted of obscenity, she was sentenced to a short prison term. She went to jail a convict but emerged a star. In Hollywood, she was the number one box-office attraction during the 1930s and saved Paramount Studios ... Weiterlesen

Charlotte Chandler: Bette Davis

Charlotte Chandler: Bette Davis

USA 2006, 348 pp., hardback, € 24.89
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Bette Davis was a major force in Hollywood. Her distinctive voice, her remarkable eyes, her astonishing range and depth of caharcterization were qualities to make her one of the finest performers in film history. Drawing on extensive conversations with Bette Davis during the last decade of her life, the biographer let the great actress speak for herself. Though she owed ... Weiterlesen

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