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Francine Prose: Caravaggio - Painter of Miracles

Francine Prose: Caravaggio - Painter of Miracles

USA 2010, 149 pp., pb.,  19.95
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Francine Prose’s life of Caravaggio evokes the genius of this great artist through a brilliant reading of his paintings. Caravaggio defied the aesthetic conventions of his time; his use of ordinary people, realistically portrayed – street boys, prostitutes, the poor, the aged - was a profound and revolutionary innovation that lefts its mark on generations of artists. His insistence on painting from nature, on rendering the emotional truth of experience, whether religious or secular, marks him an artist who speaks across the centuries to our own time. Caravaggio was born near Milan in 1571 and moved to Rome with 21. He became a brilliant an successful artist protected by influential Cardinal del Monte and other patrons. Prose presents the brief but tumultous life of one of the greatest painters ever.
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