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Cathy Crimmins: How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization

Cathy Crimmins: How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization

USA 2005, 217 pp., brochure,  14.99
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Over the past 50 years, the line between what is straight and what is gay has blurred to the point where most heterosexuals are unaware of the vast contributions gay men have made to American culture. The queering of America has gradually been shaping the way straight people talk, think, dress, and eat. Our irony-soaked culture draws liberally from the ideas and attitudes of gay thinkers, artists, and entertainers, our sense of fashion and beauty is informed to a great extent by the discriminating tastes of gay men, and even the unlikely realm of urban renewal has become more gay. This book presents a broad yet incisive look at how an unusual immigrant group, homosexual men, has influenced mainstream American society, and has, in many ways, become mainstream itself.
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