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Dan Healey: Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia

Dan Healey: Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia

The Regulation of Sexual and Gender Dissent. USA 2004, 392 pp., brochure,  38.99
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A milestone - not only for Russian GLBT history but also for gay and lesbian studies in general - being the first full-length study of same-sex love in any period of Russian or Soviet history, the author investigates the privat worlds of sexual dissidents during the pivotal decades before and after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Using records and archives available to researchers only since the fall of Communism, the author revisists the rich homosexual subcultures of St.Petersburg and Moscow, illustrating the ambiguous attitude of the late Tsarist regime and revolutionary rulers toward gay men and lesbians. This book reveals a world of ordinary Russians who lived extraordinary lives and records the voices of a long-silenced minority.
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