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Michal Sosna: No Pic No Chat

Michal Sosna: No Pic No Chat

PL 2021, 159 S., S/W u. Farbe, Broschur, € 19.95
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The main subject of »NO_PIC_NO_CHAT« is the experience of gender - its photographs focus on transgender people. Without deceiving themselves or others they talk about their way of Self-acceptance and pride of their body and their sexuality in he most intolerant of all EU countries, Poland. Michal Sosna created this zine-like book in which he photographs and interviews people - capturing very intimate things pertaining to one's body, almost pornographically, yet very intimate, sometimes painful. Michal's heroes and heroines are people with various social backgrounds who speak different languages, come from different age groups. This book is a tale of how we all have the right to love, to have sex, to be in harmony with our bodies.
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