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Christian B. Thomsen: Fassbinder

Christian B. Thomsen: Fassbinder

USA 2004, 358 pp., brochure,  30.79
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Rainer W. Fassbinder was the most innovative practioner of New German Cinema. He worked at breakneck speed and in 14 years made 44 films. Fassbinder ruthlessly attacked both German bourgeois society and the larger limitations of humanity, and his films detail the desperate yearning for love and freedom and the many ways in which society defeats that desire. In »Fassbinder«, the author, a close friend of the director, illuminates Fassbinder's body of work while revealing his insider views of a man who, despite a furious temper, manic working habits, and rampant drug addiction, supported an extended family - including his mother, a string of male lovers, lovelorn women, and even a pair of frustrated wives - with his intoxicating and prolific imagination.