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John Corvino: What's Wrong with Homosexuality?

John Corvino: What's Wrong with Homosexuality?

USA 2013, 170 pp., hardbound, € 24.95
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Oxford University Press
Is homosexuality unnatural? Does the bible condemn it? Does it matter whether gay people are »born this way«? The author has traversed the country responding to such questions. In this book, he makes the case for the moral value of same-sex relationships while offering insight into the ongoing culture wars. Many opponents object that same-sex relionships were morally wrong, or at least undeserving of the same social recognition given to heterosexual relationships. Unfortunately, the traditional rhetoric of gay-rights advocates - which emphasizes privacy and tolerance - fails to meet this objection. But socially speaking LGBT people - like their fellow citizens - seek full inclusion in society's moral fabric. What is needed is a positive case for moral approval.
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