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Shiri Eisner: Bi

Shiri Eisner: Bi

Notes for a Bisexual Revolution. USA 2013, 345 pp., brochure,  27.95
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Depicted as duplicitous, traitorous, and promiscuous, bisexuality has long been suspected, marginalized, and rejected by both straight and gay communities alike. In this forward-thinking and eye-opening examination, feminist bisexual and genderqueer activist Shiri Eisner takes readers on a journey through the many aspects of the meanings and politics of bisexuality. Informed by feminist, transgender, and queer theory, as well as politics and activism, »Bi« is a radical manifesto for a group that has been too frequently silenced, erased, and denied - and a starting point from which to launch a bisexual revolution. The book highlights how bisexuality can open up new and exciting ways of challenging social convention. It also contains issues surrounding biphobia/monosexism, and the practice of labeling.
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