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William S. Burroughs / Bill Morgan (ed.): Rub Out the Words

William S. Burroughs / Bill Morgan (ed.): Rub Out the Words

Letters 1959 - 1974. UK 2012, 444 pp., brochure,  18.99
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Penguin UK
William Burroughs' life was often as extreme as his prose. The second volume of his letters documents the time after the notorious publication of »Naked Lunch« in 1959, as he drifted away from the Beats and on towards new experiences in Europe and North Africa. We see the artist and pioneer of the cut-up method, Brion Gysin, gradually replace Ginsberg as Burroughs' most trusted confidant, as they explore ideas about mind control and language, and there is correspondence with Paul Bowles, Timothy Leary and Norman Mailer, among many others, showing Burroughs' work at its most experimental, and his life entering a new era of creativity and innovation. These letters illuminate the most compelling and practical areas of Burroughs' work.
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