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Alain Claude Sulzer: A Perfect Waiter

Alain Claude Sulzer: A Perfect Waiter

Transl. by John Brownjohn. UK 2009, 215 pp., brochure,  19.95
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This gay classic of the new century is now available in an English edition for the first time: Erneste is the perfect waiter, and his private life seems to embody the qualities he brings to his profession. But inwardly this polite and dignified man is in the grip of a violent passion: he yearns for a young waiter-in-training, Jakob, who broke his heart when he fled Nazi-dominated Europe for a new life in America with his lover, a celebrated German intellectual. Nursing a broken heart, Erneste sinks even deeper into his well-ordered world, and spends the next 30 years hardening into what had previously only been a role. After decades of silence, however, he receives a letter from a distraught and penniless Jakob asking for help. Soon, Erneste must decide if he will finally take action and help his former lover, or will dramatic news of Jakob finally destroy the memories of the great love of his youth?
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