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Giorgio Bassani: The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles

Giorgio Bassani: The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles

Engl. by Jamie McKendrick. UK 2012, 136 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Penguin UK
Into the insular town of 1930s Ferrara, a new doctor arrives. Fadigati is hopeful and modern, and more than anything wants to fit into his new home. But his fresh, appealing appearance soon crumbles when the young man he pays to be his lover reveals the doctor's homosexuality in a public humiliation that leads into his destruction. As anti-Semitism spreads across Italy, the Jewish narrator of the tale begins to feel pity for the ostracized doctor, and the fickle nature of the community changing under political forces becomes clear. »The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles« is a tragic study of terrifying historical realities that can shatter the courses of isolated, individual lives. This book is one of the classical gay novels of the 20th century.
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