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Stuart Timmons: The Trouble with Harry Hay

Stuart Timmons: The Trouble with Harry Hay

Founder of the Modern Gay Movement. USA 2012, 369 pp. illustrated, brochure, € 27.95
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White Crane
In a galvanizing sweep through the 20th century, the author chronicles the story of a man who founded the modern gay movement. After decades of searching and struggle, Harry Hay created the Mattachine Society in 1950, the nation's first gay political group. Today, LGBT activism is taken for granted. But over half a century ago, it required a visionary and courageous spirit to organize a stigmatized and closeted class of people. The author documents those tumultuous early years of the »homophile« movement and the colorful life of its founder. This newly updated biography - with a foreword by Will Roscoe - is a classic study of a man who started it all. It rescues Harry Hay from the realm of myth and also recovers large chunks of gay history.
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