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Charles Rowan Beye: My Husband and My Wives

Charles Rowan Beye: My Husband and My Wives

A Gay Man's Odyssey. USA 2012, 257 pp., hardbound, € 23.95
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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
This is the memoir of a man looking back over eight tumultuous decades at the complications brought on by the discovery, during adolescence, of his attraction to other men. The ordeal of remaining true to what his libido tells him is right, in the midst of a disapproving and sometimes hostile society, is one side of his story. Another is the impulsive decision he made as a young man to marry a woman who fascinated him. This led him into entirely unanticipated territory. He found himself suddenly a husband, a widower, a groom for a second time, and, finally, the father of four children and the grandfather of six, though throughout it all, he never abandoned his erotic involvement with men. Perhaps most extraordinary is the story's happy conclusion: Charles R. Beye's wedding to the man who has been his companion for two decades.
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