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Derek Jarman: Jubilee

Derek Jarman: Jubilee

Six Film Scripts. USA 2011, 226 pp., brochure,  17.79
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University of Minnesota Press
From the early 1970s until his death in 1994, Derek Jarman made scores of films. Assembled here are six of his unforgettable film scripts: »Akenaten«, »Jubilee«, »Bob-Up-A-Down«, »B Movie: Little England/A Time of Hope«, »Neutron«, and »Sod 'Em« - five of these films haven't made it to the screen yet. For some, Jarman was much of a Renaissance man, aggressively dragging the arts of the painter and poet into his films. These collected scripts, though, show his pure talent. He writes passionately about often bitter things, what he called the »pornographic darkness« of his work. From his features to experimental Super 8 films, Jarman's theme was them-and-us, yet behind all the layered symbolism of sexuality and repression, there is compassion and humour.
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