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Mark Cornwall: The Devil's Wall

Mark Cornwall: The Devil's Wall

The Nationalist Youth Mission of Heinz Rutha. USA/UK 2012, 352 pp., hardbound,  35.95
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Harvard University Press
In interwar Czechoslovakia, Sudeten German nationalists conceived a radical mission to try to restore German influence across the region. Heinz Rutha - earnest, seductive, and deeply conflicted by his homosexual longings - was the pioneer of a youth movement that emphasized male bonding in its quest to reassert German dominance over Czech space. Czechoslovak authorities misinterpreted Rutha's mission as a sexual deviance and in 1937 charged him with corrupting adolescents. The resulting scandal led to Rutha's imprisonment, suicide, and excommunication from the nationalist cause he had devoted his life to furthering. The author of this biography is the first historian to tackle the long-taboo subject of how youth, homosexuality, and nationalism intersected in a fascist environment
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