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Eleanor Hancock: Ernst Röhm

Eleanor Hancock: Ernst Röhm

Hitler's SA Chief of Staff. USA 2011, 273 pp., brochure, € 79.95
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A one-time comrade and intimate of Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm commanded the stormtroopers and had an influential and controversial career within the Nazi Party before being killed on Hitler's orders in 1934. This biography is based on research from original sources. It overturns many misconceptions that have arisen about his politics and his role in Nazism - including the claim that Röhm stood for a more revolutionary form of national socialism. And it makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the Nazi rise to and consolidation of power. The biographer doesn't seek to rehabilitate Röhm, but to investigate carefully the role of this central, though largely ignored, figure in the early Nazi leadership. Röhm never acted upon requests to intervene in the persecution of Jews, or even of homosexuals like himself.
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