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Mark Blasius, Shane Phelan (eds.): We Are Everywhere

Mark Blasius, Shane Phelan (eds.): We Are Everywhere

USA/UK 1997, 844 pp., brochure,  98.00
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This historical sourcebook of gay and lesbian politics brings together the key primary sources relating to the politics of homosexuality. Presenting political, historical, legal, literary and psychological documents which trace the evolution of the gay and lesbian movement, this edited volume includes such diverse documents as organization pamphlets, essays, polemics, speeches, newspaper and journal articles, and academic papers – from the beginnings in the 19th century (Karl H. Ulrichs, Magnus Hirschfeld, and John A. Symonds) via legal and governmental studies concerning rights of gay and lesbian citizens or articles from the early U.S. liberation movement publications such as »Mattachine Review«, »The Ladder«, and »ONE« to documents of the AIDS epidemic, of current activism, of movements within »the movement« (bisexuals, S/M, conservatives), and finally a look at the future of gay and lesbian politics. Together the documents allow readers to examine the development of political movements based on homosexual identity, the history of government persecution of homosexuality, the impact of feminism on the modern lesbian and gay rights movement, and the emergence of queer theory.
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