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Michael Groneberg and Christian Funke (eds.): Combatting Homophobia

Michael Groneberg and Christian Funke (eds.): Combatting Homophobia

Experiences and Analyses Pertinent to Education. D 2011, 264 pp., brochure, € 25.60
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Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity concerns everybody, but it is foremost lesbian and gay persons who have to deal with it, especially when confronting the discovery of their homosexuality as a child or adolescent. In this book, practitioners working with youth and researchers from social, political and educational sciences, theology and philosophy raise awareness of the spectrum of homophobia and offer solutions to the suffering it engenders in youths. The book is helpful for parents, teachers and others who are responsible for youth and education. It reviews concrete knowledge, combines it with scientific approaches and identifies need for further research.
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