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William R. Handley (ed.): The Brokeback Book

William R. Handley (ed.): The Brokeback Book

From Story to Cultural Phenomenon. USA/UK 2011, 386 pp. illustrated, brochure, € 25.95
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An American Western made by a Taiwanese director and filmed in Canada, »Brokeback Mountain« was a global cultural phenomenon even before it became the highest grossing gay-themed drama in film history. Few films have inspired as much passion and debate, or produced as many contradictory responses, from online homage to late-night parody. In this collection, writers, journalists, scholars, and ordinary viewers explore the film and Annie Proulx's original story as well as their ongoing cultural and political significance. The contributors situate »Brokeback Mountain« in relation to gay civil rights, the cinematic and literary Western, the Chinese value of forebearance, male melodrama, and urban and rural working lives across generations and genders.
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