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Michael Bronski: A Queer History of the United States

Michael Bronski: A Queer History of the United States

USA 2011, 287 pp., hardbound, € 29.95
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In the 1620s, Thomas Morton broke from Plymouth Colony and founded Merrymount which celebrated same-sex desire, atheism and interracial marriage. Transgender evangelist Jemima Wilkinson, in the early 1800s, refused to use pronouns, fought for gender equality, and led her own congregation in upstate New York. In the mid-19th century, actress Charlotte Cushman led an openly lesbian life, including a well-publized »female marriage«. This book is a who's who of queer history in America. Drawing upon primary documents, literature, and cultural histories, the author charts the breadth of LGBT history, from 1492 to the 1990s, and has written a testament to how the LGBT experience has shaped the U.S., its culture, and history. The book abounds with startling examples of unknown, or often ignored aspects of American history.
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