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Lewis C. Seifert: Manning the Margins

Lewis C. Seifert: Manning the Margins

Masculinity & Writing in Seventeenth-Century France. USA 2010, 339pp., brochure, € 38.20
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Over the past decades, a rich body of scholarship has uncovered the crucial roles women played in 17th-century France, a period often reduced to »classical« male authors and »absolutist« kings. But the clearer perspective we now have of women has exposed the need to take a fresh look at men and masculinity. Examining ideals of polite masculine conduct, the figure of the salon man, representations of male same-sex desire, and the case of a male cross-dresser, the book shows how elite men defined themselves in relation to women and other men and argues that dominant masculinity cannot always eclipse marginalized masculinities. The theoretical material and historical questions will also appeal to those interested in gender studies, sexuality studies, and transgender studies.
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