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Donald Spoto: Possessed - The Life of Joan Crawford

Donald Spoto: Possessed - The Life of Joan Crawford

USA 2010, 336pp. illustrated, hardbound,  21.99
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Joan Crawford was one of the most incandescent film stars of all time, yet she was also one of the most misunderstood. The biographer here goes beyond the popular caricature - the abusive, unstable mother portrayed in her adopted daughter Christina Crawford's memoir, »Mommie Dearest« - to give us a three-dimensional portrait of a very human woman, her dazzling career, and her extraordinarily dramatic life and times. Based on new archival information and exclusive interviews, »Possessed« offers a fascinating portrait of a courageous, highly sexed, and ambitious woman whose strength and drive made her a forerunner in the fledgling film business. The book goes behind the myths to examine Crawford's four marriages, her passionate, on-and-off-again affair with Clark Gable, her friendships and rivalries with other stars.