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Barry Reay: New York Hustlers

Barry Reay: New York Hustlers

Masculinity and Sex in Modern America. UK/USA 2010, 279pp., brochure, € 39.95
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This book - looking back from the 1990s into the early decades of the 20th century - maps the world of those known as »trade« - ostensibly straight men who would engage in homosexual sex - and hustlers - those who were paid for it. It was a milieu that was central to the sexual histories of several generations of 20th-century American men and also influenced American literary and visual culture. The »trade aesthetic« informed the work of a variety of artists, filmmakers and writers. This sexual culture, though compelling in itself, also allows for the exploration of some key aspects of modern sexual history. For the hustlers and trade exhibit a remarkably flexible sexuality, traversing the worlds of male homosexuality and heterosexuality in ways that challenge many assumptions about sexual identity.
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