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John Waters: Role Models

John Waters: Role Models

USA 2010, 304pp., hardbound,  23.95
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Here, from the incomparable John Waters, is a paean to the power of suversive inspiration that will delight, amuse, enrich, and happily horrify readers everywhere. »Role Models« is, in fact, a self-portrait told through intimate profiles of favorite personalities - some famous, some unknown, some criminal, some surprisingly middle-of-the-road. From Esther Martin, owner of the scariest bar in Baltimore, to the playwright Tennessee Williams, from the atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair to the insane martyr Saint Catherine of Siena, from the English novelist Denton Welsh to the timelessly appealing singer Johnny Mathis - these are the extreme figures who helped the author form his own brand of neurotic happiness. This is a personal invitation into one of the most unique, perverse artistic minds of our time.