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M. Paz Galupo (ed.): Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

M. Paz Galupo (ed.): Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

UK/USA/CAN 2009, 213pp., brochure, € 39.99
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In our society, the argument for or against same-sex marriage becomes even more heated when the debate turns to bisexual women and men. The book explores this debate from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives, presenting respected scholars from fields as diverse as American Studies, Communication, Criminology, Human and Organizational Systems, Law and Social Policy, LGBT Studies, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies, and Queer Studies. The book goes beyond the intense acrimony and divisiveness to rationally examine the issue from various viewpoints and through latest research. The texts present and analyze current findings and the diverse LGBT and straight perspectives on the issue.
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