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Gregg Drinkwater (ed.): Torah Queeries

Gregg Drinkwater (ed.): Torah Queeries

Weekly Commentaries on the Hebrew Bible. USA 2010, 337 pp., hardbound, € 27.59
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New York University Press
In the Jewish tradition, reading of the Torah follows a calendar cycle, with a specific portion assigned each week. These weekly portion, read aloud in synagogues around the world, have been subject to interpretation and commentary for centuries. Following on this ancient tradition, this book brings together some of the world's leading rabbis, scholars, and writers to interpret the Torah through a »bent lens«. This collection unites the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight-allied writers, including some of the most central figures in the contemporary Jewish world. All bring to the table unique methods of reading and interpreting that allow the Torah to speak to modern concerns of sexuality, identity, gender, and LGBT life.
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