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Charlotte Chandler: Mae West - She Always Knew How

Charlotte Chandler: Mae West - She Always Knew How

A Personal Biography. USA 2010, 317pp., illustr., brochure, € 15.99
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Actress, playwright, screenwriter, and iconic sex symbol Mae West created a scandal and a sensation on Broadway with her play »Sex« in 1926. Convicted of obscenity, she was sentenced to a short prison term. She went to jail a convict but emerged a star. In Hollywood, she was the number one box-office attraction during the 1930s and saved Paramount Studios from bankruptcy. Her films included some notorious one-liners - which she wrote herself - that have become part of Hollywood lore. But behind the clever quips was West's deep desire, decades before the word »feminism« was in the news, to see women treated equally with men. She saw through the double standard of the time that permitted men to do things that women would be ruined for doing. Her cause was sexual equality.
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