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Wendy Moffat: A Great Unrecorded History

Wendy Moffat: A Great Unrecorded History

A New Life of E.M. Forster. USA 2010, 408pp., hardback, € 29.95
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With the posthumous publication of his long-suppressed novel »Maurice« in 1970, E.M. Forster came out as a homosexual - though the revelation made barely a ripple in his literary reputation. Forster's homosexuality was the central fact of his life. Between Oscar Wilde's imprisonment and the Stonewall riots, Forster led a long, strange, and imaginative life as a gay man. He preserved a vast archive of his private life - a history of gay experience he believed would find its audience in a happier time. Moffat's decade of detective work - including first-time interviews with Forster's friends - has resulted in a biography to integrate Forster's public and private lives - seeing his life through the lens of his sexuality (offering a prophetic vision of gay intimacy) and revealing his astuteness as a social critic.
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