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Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince: 50 Years of Queer Cinema

Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince: 50 Years of Queer Cinema

500 of the Best GLBTQ Films Ever Made. USA 2010, 502 pp., brochure,  23.99
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The world's production of 50 years of GLBTQ cinema has shattered the door to the celluloid closet. Thanks to this, and to a flood of classics re-released in DVD format, a brave new world of queer iconography has emerged for film junkies. This book documents these trends. From the tawdry to the beautiful, »The Love That Dared not Speak its Name« is now firmly entrenched as a voice in independent film. »50 Years in Queer Cinema« is loaded with insightful, opinionated reviews. These, coupled with dozens of über-dishy special features, disrobe for the first time some eternal truths about queer icons which in years past were only whispered about. The scent of lavender, the smell of testosterone, and the aroma of velvet, all of it assembled into this guide of GLBTQ filmmaking.
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