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M.J. Pearson: Helpless

M.J. Pearson: Helpless

Only One Man Can Save Him. USA 2010, 210 pp., brochure,  13.39
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In London during the gross indecency trial of Oscar Wilde, Douglas Shrove finds himself still haunted by memories of his dead lover while skirting violence, blackmail and the affections of two men. - »There are two who seek you out.« That is what the gypsy told Shrove a few months after the death of his lover. And the gypsy was right. Two men were vying for his affections. Mark Goldcrest - an aristocrat like himself, a golden Adonis, cool and discreet. And Warren Scott - a shabbily-dressed denizen of a Bohemian world that Shrove can't begin to understand. One is what he seems, and one is not. But which is which? Both men are attractive and attracted to him. But one has a dangerous secret. One of Shrove's admirers could be his salvation if the other doesn't destroy him first.
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