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Susan S. Douglas: Enlightened Sexism

Susan S. Douglas: Enlightened Sexism

The Seductive Message That Feminism's Work is Done. USA 2010, 355 pp., hardbound,  21.59
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This look at our pop-culture icons reveals the unfinished business of the women's movement. Women today are inundated with conflicting messages from the mass media: they must be either strong leaders in complete command or sex kittens obsessed with finding and pleasing a man. This book takes readers on a journey through TV Programs, popular songs, movies, and news coverage of recent years. Revisiting cultural touchstones from »Buffy« to »Survivor« to »Desperate Housewives«, the author exposes the images of women in these shows as mere fantasies of female power, assuring women and girls that the battle for equality has been won, so there's nothing wrong with resurrecting sexist stereotypes. She explores how the positive 1900s message of »girl power« was overtaken by the demeaning tenets of reality TV, and how empowering voices no longer compete with the retrograde ethos of celebrity media and »lad magazines«. She argues that these portrayals not only distract us from the real-world challenges facing women today but also drive a wedge between baby-boom women and their »millennial« daughters.
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