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David Bret: Clark Gable

David Bret: Clark Gable

Tormented Star. USA 2008, 287 pp., brochure, € 14.89
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Clarke Gable - the archetypal male of his era. He was named »King of Hollywood« in 1938. But as the author of this uncensored biography reveals, the star was not quite who he seemed. One of Gable's best-kept secrets was his bisexuality. Bret recounts Gable's failed marriages to women who turned a blind eye toward his affairs with actors Earl Larimore and Rod La Rocque, among others. He also reveals how studio chief Louis B. Mayer concocted a pseudo-scandalous paternity suit and exaggerated the actor's wartime accomplishments in order to amplify Gable's masculinity and heroism for the public eye. With passion and accuracy, Bret uncovers the truth behind one of Hollywood's biggest stars.
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