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Brad Epps, Despina Kakoudaki (eds.): All About Almodóvar

Brad Epps, Despina Kakoudaki (eds.): All About Almodóvar

A Passion for Cinema. USA 2009, 496 S., brochure, € 24.95
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One of the world cinema's most exciting filmmakers, Pedro Almodóvar has been delighting, provoking, arousing, shocking, and - above all - entertaining audiences around the globe since he burst on the film scene in the early 1980s. This book offers new perspectives on the filmmaker's artistic vision and cinematic preoccupations, influences, and techniques. Through overviews of his oeuvre and in-depth analyses of specific films, the essays here explore: Almodóvar's nuanced use of TV and music in his films, his reworkings of traditional film genres such as comedy, horror, and film noir, his penchant for melodrama and its relationship to melancholy, violence, and coincidence, his intricate questioning of sexual and national identities, and his inquiries into visuality and its limits.
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