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Frank Kermode: Concerning E.M. Forster

Frank Kermode: Concerning E.M. Forster

USA 2009, 180 pp., hardback,  21.79
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The author offers an informal but wide-ranging inquiry into puzzling features of Forster's life and work. After all, Forster's first novels, written before he was 30, showed tremendous energy and promise, but his productivity seemed to fizzle out after the triumph of »A Passage to India« in 1924. Why? Kermode reflects not only on Forster's considerable talent but on the sexual und social circumstances that Forster found restrictive but didn't challenge. On the many changes in English society before, during, and after WW I and WW II, which Forster wrote about as a critic but not as a storyteller. And on Forster's relations with his great contemporaries - Henry James, Virginia Woolf, and others. There Kermode shows that Forster was closest to the people who shared not his literary interests or artistic vocation but, rather, his homosexuality.