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Jon Davies: »Trash«

Jon Davies: »Trash«

A Queer Film Classic. CAN 2009, 175 pp., brochure, € 13.95
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The 1970 film »Trash« was arguably the greatest collaboration between director Paul Morrissey and producer Andy Warhol, and a moment of shining glory for their superstars Joe Dallesandro and Holly Woodlawn. It is a satirical melodrama about a decidedly down- and-out couple: Joe, the hunky but impotent junkie, and Holly, his feisty, sexually frustrated girlfriend. While a depleted Joe passively floats from one oddball situation to another looking for a hit, strong-willed Holly salvages trash from the downtown streets. Despite Morrissey's intentions to show that »there's no difference between a person using drugs and a piece of refuse«, Dallesandro and Woodlawn's performances outshine and eclipse his crudely conservative politics: it is not that human beings become as worthless as trash, but that trash becomes as precious as human beings.
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