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John Evans (ed.): Journeying Boy

John Evans (ed.): Journeying Boy

The Diaries of the Young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938. UK 2009, 576 pp., hardbound, € 29.95
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Britten documented his childhood and adolescence in a daily journal he kept for a decade. From his arrival as a boarder at Gresham's School and his private lessons in London with Frank Bridge, to his student days at the Royal College of Music and apprenticeship in London, we trace the progress of a journeying boy. The 1930s brought successful collaborations with the likes of Auden, Isherwood, MacNeice and Grierson, and international acclaim at home and abroad, juxtaposed with personal tragedy (the loss of both of his parents within three years) and an increasing sense of being an outsider: a young man struggling with his homosexuality and a pacifist at a time of imminent war. This portrait of a young boy's journey to adulthood, and his creative mind offers an understanding of the man and artist Britten was to become.
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