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Herb Boyd: Baldwin's Harlem

Herb Boyd: Baldwin's Harlem

USA 2008, 244 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Although James Baldwin left his native Harlem as a young man and returned only for occasional visits, the New York neighborhood was a recurring theme in his essays and novels. His junior high French teacher may have inspired Baldwin's later Paris sojourn and his first literary efforts, and Baldwin shared a stormy relationship with another Harlem Renaissance progenitor, poet Langston Hughes, who called »Another Country« juvenile. Baldwin shared a distrust of white liberals with Malcolm X and lent his powerful voice to Harlem's '60s causes. Longtime Harlem resident Boyd is authoritative, but in his self-proclaimed role as Baldwin's defender, he gives short shrift to the writer's homosexuality and comes across as rationalizing Baldwin's anti-Semitism.
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